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▶️ Why do turkish movies not kiss?

The RTÜK already monitors Turkish media. Couples making love or kissing are considered obscene and “against moral values” so even Oscar-winning movies are “simplified” and scenes cut… Interestingly, love scenes or kissing are considered obscene but guns and violence are considered safe.

▶️ What do turkish people think of istanbul not constantinople?

What was Istanbul before it was Constantinople?

  • The city today known as Istanbul has been the site of human settlement for approximately three thousand years. Thracian tribes founded a settlement here; its earliest known name was Lygos. Greeks colonised the area and established the city of Byzantion in the 7th century BC. It fell to the Roman Republic in 196 BC, and was known as Byzantium in Latin until 330 , when the city, soon renamed as Constantinople, became the new capital of the Roman Empire. During late antiquity the city rose to be...

▶️ What do the turkish not eat in the middle east?

turkish not eat pork

▶️ Is the turkish van turkish or armenian?

The cat is dated centuries back to the Armenians. Van was in Armenia before Turkey commited a genocide on the Armenians and attempted to change them to Muslim from their Christianity and were unsuccessful, but in doing so took more than 60% of their land and killed roughly 1.5 million Armenians. So to say Van is turkish is incorrect. It now belongs to turkey, but was named by Armenians in Armenia living in their country at the time. The cat which is called the "Haygagan Van Gatu" is translated from Armenian meaning with exact translation to be "Armenian Van Cat" . Turks can name it what they wish but its origin is Armenian.

▶️ How do you offend turkish people?

  1. Wearing Inappropriate Clothing in Mosques.
  2. Getting Your PDA On.
  3. Leaving Food on Your Plate.
  4. Ignoring Ramadan.
  5. Not Taking Your Shoes Off.
  6. Not Knowing a Few Words of Turkish.
  7. Insulting Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
  8. Ignoring the Local Etiquette.

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How do turkish dress?

  • In rural Turkey, women tend to dress much more modestly, with dark colored head scarves. A long skirt or loose-fitting pants and a long-sleeved cotton shirt will help you to blend in a little more, and will protect you from the sun.

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Turkish god of war?

The Turkish god of war was Ataturk

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Are greeks part turkish?

  • Greeks in Turkey. The Greeks in Turkey (Turkish: Rumlar) constitute a population of Greek and Greek-speaking Eastern Orthodox Christians who mostly live in Istanbul, as well as on the two islands of the western entrance to the Dardanelles : Imbros and Tenedos (Turkish: Gökçeada and Bozcaada).

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Are turkish people friendly?

Are Turkish people friendly? Yes! Turkish people are incredibly friendly, love to help, and are very inquisitive. They often ask questions such as “How old are you?” or “How much money do you earn?” that can feel invasive, and staring is common.

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Are turkish sweets halal?

Is Turkish Delight halal? Normally, yes, it is. Turkish Delight is made from corn starch, not gelatin in Turkey. But some countries, especially in Europe, use gelatin from pig instead of starch.

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What is turkish capital?


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What are turkish countries?

  • While the term "Turk" may refer to a member of any Turkic people , the term Turkish usually refers specifically to the people and language of the modern country of Turkey. At present, there are six independent Turkic countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan.

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What is turkish language?

  • The official language of Turkey is Turkish

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Is turkish saffron real?

If you're planning on buying saffron in Turkey, it might be useful for you to know that in the bazaars in Istanbul, almost all of the so called Turkish saffron that is on sale is actually sunflower seeds.

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How many population turkish?

According to Wikipedia, 70 million totally in the world. 61 million in Turkey (Turkey's population is 75 million)

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Can turkish actors kiss?

2) As far as I have observed, kissing on Turkish TV is fine. However, the culture is somewhat conservative and has become more conservative during the reign of the AKP government.

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What is turkish history?

  • Turkish History. Turkish history extends back thousands of years before the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Turks, originally a nomadic people from Central Asia, established several empires, including the Seljuk Empire and later the Ottoman Empire, which was founded in Anatolia by Turkish ruler Osman in 1299.

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How do you say happy anniversary in turkish?

Happy anniversary in Turkish is mutlu yillar.

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How do you say 'happy christmas' in turkish?

İyi Noeller ve Mutlu Yıllar

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What do you call your lover in turkish?

canım (my dear) hayatım (my life) tatlım (my sweet, my sweetheart) şekerim (my sugar) sevgilim (my darling, my love; this is used for lovers, spouses)

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How do you answer the phone in turkish?

In Turkey they answer phone with "Alo" sounds like " 'ello" instead of " 'allo"

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What do you wear to a turkish bath?

The attendants usually provide visitors with a peshtemal, a thin cotton towel to wrap yourself and a regular towel to use after bathing. It is okay to bring your bathing suit or bikinis; but, since few others—and no Turks—will be wearing anything, it's not recommended for the true experience.

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Where can you buy a turkish basketball jersey?

for turkey, you can buy it from big Adidas stores, but for outside of turkey, i don't know where to buy.

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How much turkish lira can you take into turkey?

  • There is no real limit to what you bring unless one is a courier for money launderers. anything up to $10,000 should be fine. do not bring TL with you at all because the exchange rates are much better in turkey (except in hotels) you can exchange enough to tide you over your first few hours at the airport when you land.

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How do you say welcome to turkey in turkish?

Türkiye'ye hoşgeldiniz.

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Can you only exchange old turkish lira in turkey?

Yes, only in Turkey. There are 1,000,000 old lira in 1 New Turkish lira, so your old lira have little money value, just curiosity value. (1 New Turkish lira is worth (March 2009) about US$0.75.) Any remaining old lira has to be converted at either the Turkish Central Bank or T.C. Ziraat Bank branches, at the rate of 1 million old lira = 1 new lira

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How can you register on the turkish ebay site?

  • As for the international version of eBay, not only does it have more availability, but also it can be registered by anyone. You’ll find all the details from the link at the top of the answer. A site called “GittiGidiyor” is considered the “Turkish eBay” for locals only, and best equivalent.

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Do you have access to the turkish airlines lounge?

  • However, you may have access with your ticket, airline status or memberships. More Lounges at This Airport We don't currently sell access to these lounges. However, you may have access with your ticket, airline status or memberships. Turkish Airlines Lounge Domestic Located in Domestic Terminal (Outside Security)Explore

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Can you travel to shanghai with a turkish passport?

Yes of course you can, but you need to get a visa in Turkey first.

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What terminal is turkish airlines?

Turkish Airlines uses Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport (LHR).

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What are some turkish traditions?

  • Nazar (The Evil Eye) One of Turkey's most popular souvenirs, these blue eyes made of glass are actually meant to ward off the negative energy from someone's eyes who feels envious of you…
  • Turkish Tea…
  • Oil Wrestling…
  • Sünnet (Circumcision)

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Do turkish people speak arabic?

Most Turks only speak Turkish. Those that are bilingual or trilingual often do not speak Arabic (but local languages like Kurdish and English as a foreign language). Arabic is not an official language in Turkey and primarily spoken by the Syrian Arabs living in Hatay Province and near Gaziantep. This population numbers approximately 3 million people (of a total Turkish population of 80 million people).

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How much is turkish visa?

  • A Turkish visitor’s e-Visa is relatively inexpensive. It costs $20 and the official Turkish e-Visa website accepts payments via debit or credit card.

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Who invented turkish ice cream?

According to Kaunain Akhtar, one of the people manning a Turkish Ice Cream stall at a Noida mall, “Dondurma was founded in Turkey around the 1850s. The kahramanmaras region in Turkey is famous for this ice cream and we introduced it in Noida a few months ago.

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What is a turkish dress?

  • Forms of Turkish Traditional Dress. Characteristic features of Turkish traditional dress include the layering of garments, distinctive surface or woven-in decoration on the fabrics, and a geometriccut. Wool, silk, and cotton, fibers indigenous to Turkey, are commonly used for apparel.

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What ethnicity are turkish people?

  • The Turkish people, or the Turks, (Turkish: Türkler), are a nation and ethnic group primarily living in Turkey, and in the former lands of the Ottoman Empire where Turkish minorities have been established.

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What is turkish money called?

Lira. lira and Kurus (pronounced, kurush) lira is like 50 cents, and kurus in turkey is like cents in america. lira comes in coins and bills for 5,10,20,50,100,500, and 1,000. and kurus comes in coins too.

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What is traditional turkish food?

Traditional Turkish food includes egg plant, lamb and fish. Some traditional Turkish dishes are kebab, dolma, borek, and meze.

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Why do turkish kiss hands?

In Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Somalia, and Brunei, hand-kissing is a common way to greet elder people of both genders, primarily the closest relatives (both parents, grandparents, and uncles or aunts) and teachers. Occasionally, after kissing the hand, the greeter will draw the hand to his own forehead.

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Are turkish angora cats hypoallergenic?

  • The Turkish Angora is an affectionate, inquisitive and intelligent companion. Origin: Turkey. Life span: 15-18 years. Hypoallergenic: No. Popularity (2018): #34. Cat Breeds List.

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Do turkish people say assalamualaikum?

Religious Turks often greet each other with Selâmün aleyküm, an adaptation of the Arabic As-salāmu alaykum (Peace be upon you). This Arabic greeting and its variants can be heard across the entire Muslim world.

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Do turkish people speak english?

What language do they speak in Istanbul? ... Turkish is the official language of Turkey and English is widely spoken in Istanbul; visitors are often surprised by the relatively high level of English spoken by most Turks. An attempt to use Turkish is very much appreciated and considered good manners, though.

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Is turkish easy to learn?

The language is considered harder to learn than French or German, from which English originates. However, because it uses the same Latin alphabet as English (with a few extra diacritic marks thrown in) Turkish is the easiest place to start for anyone wanting to learn a Turkic language.

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Why is turkish so difficult?

The language is considered harder to learn than French or German, from which English originates. However, because it uses the same Latin alphabet as English (with a few extra diacritic marks thrown in) Turkish is the easiest place to start for anyone wanting to learn a Turkic language.

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Is karan a turkish name?

karan meaning in turkish. Meaning of Hayat. It is a Quranic name mentioned about 76 times in the Quran… Hayat is Arabic and Turkish name for boys and girls that means “life”.

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What is a turkish flower?

I think so Turkish flower can be tulip. Turkish tulips are very famous in Istanbul.

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Is turkish bread from turkey?

yes, Turkish bread is a traditional bread form turkey that is eaten before a traditional Turkish meal.

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What race are turkish people?

The Turkish people, or simply the Turks, (Turkish: Türkler) are the world's largest Turkic ethnic group; they speak various dialects of the Turkish language and form a majority in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

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Do turkish people drink alcohol?

Alcohol consumption is 1.5 litres per person in Turkey, which is amongst the highest number in the Middle East. Turkey is a secular country and even though most of the population is Muslim, the consumption of rakı which is an alcoholic beverage is a significant part of Turkey's food culture.

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Are kurds syrian or turkish?

Kurds are the largest ethnic minority in Syria, and make up between 5 and 10 percent of the Syrian population. The estimates are diluted due to the effects of the Syrian civil war and the permeability of the Syrian-Turkish border.

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What is turkish favorite drink?

The popular alcoholic drink classed as the national favourite is Raki, a clear aniseed liquid-like Perno or Greek Ouzo, but much more potent, often at 48% alcohol. Across the country, shops sell hundreds of bottles of the two national brands; Tekirdag and Yeni Raki. Its nickname appeal more to a strong blooded Turk.

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Where is the turkish coast?

  • The Turkish Riviera ( Turkish: Türk Rivierası ), also known popularly as the Turquoise Coast, is an area of southwest Turkey encompassing the provinces of Antalya and Muğla, and to a lesser extent Aydın, southern İzmir and western Mersin . The combination of a favorable climate, warm sea, mountainous scenery,...

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If you marry a turkish citizen can you live in istanbul?


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When was the currency in turkey changed from turkish lira to new turkish lira?

On 1 January 2005 the New Turkish Lira entered the Turkish market and become legal tender. 1 million old lira is now worth 1 Turkish Lira.

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Do you have to take ielts to enter turkish university?

  • As an international student planning to enter a Turkish University which uses English as its language of instruction, one must take the International English Language Testing System. It is commonly known as the IELTS and it assesses a candidate’s ability in the English language.

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