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▶️ What is yeşilköy famous for?

  • Yeşilköy – whose population is mainly affluent - retains some notable examples of wooden Art Nouveau houses built between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. It has a Marina - the Yeşilköy Burnu Marina - and sandy beaches.

▶️ Which airlines are based in yeşilköy?

  • MyCargo Airlines (formerly ACT Airlines) has its head office in Level 4, Building A3 of the Istanbul World Trade Center (İstanbul Dünya Ticaret Merkezi) in Yeşilköy. Borajet also has its head office in Yeşilköy. When Bestair existed, its head office was in Yeşilköy.

▶️ What to do in yeşilköy district of istanbul?

  • It has a Marina - the Yeşilköy Burnu Marina - and sandy beaches. Istanbul Atatürk International Airport, formerly known as the Yeşilköy Airport, is located in this district. The headquarters of Turkish Airlines are on the property of the airport, and Onur Air has its headquarters in an airport hangar.
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