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▶️ When was selim erdoğan born?

Selim Erdoğan was born in 1962.

▶️ What is the relationship between gül and erdoğan like?

  • Gül took a mediating approach during the Gezi Park anti-government protests and government corruption scandals. Since leaving office, Gül has progressively become more publicly critical of Erdoğan and the democratic backsliding in Turkey.

▶️ What is recep tayyip erdoğan trying to hide because turkey remains one of the biggest jailers of journalists in the world and also intimidation and self-censorship are said to be commonplace?

Erdogan uses repression of journalists to criminalize opposition to him and his government. By limiting what journalists can say in Turkey, Erdogan wants to control the political narrative in Turkey and prevent the opposition from democratically or militarily ousting him.

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