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▶️ When was hatay province created?

Hatay Province was created in 1939.

▶️ When was antalya province created?

Antalya Province was created in 1921.

▶️ When was rize province created?

Rize Province was created in 1924.

▶️ What province is turkey in?

  • Province of Turkey in Mediterranean . Adana Province, (Turkish: Adana ili) is a province of Turkey located in south-central Anatolia .

▶️ When was torba province created?

Torba Province was created in 1994.

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What to do in antakya province of turkey?

  • Antakya has grown rapidly since 1950 and is a prosperous commercial center for Turkey's southernmost province of Hatay. It has a well-known archaeological museum and the extensive ruins of its ancient walls, as well as its old churches, are important tourist attractions.

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When did samsat become a province of assyria?

  • In the Sumerians time, the name Semiata or Samsat is known from records. The town was a center of the Hittite kingdom in the Iron Age. The region was conquered by Sargon in 708 BC and became a province of Assyria.

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What did the armenians do in tokat province?

  • The Armenians have built churches, schools, universities, and cities in the Tokat province. The Armenians were most prominent in Tokat city in the Tokat province, where the Armenians, Greeks, and Jews controlled the town's commerce up until WW1.

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Where did the name ordu province come from?

  • Ordu is the word for 'army' in current Turkish, originally meaning 'army camp', during the Ottoman Empire an army outpost was set up near the present day city. The city, and later the province, derived its name from this.

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When did sarkoy district return to thrace province?

  • Şarköy was a district in Thrace province between 1922–1926 before returning to Tekirdağ province.

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Which is the best beach in izmir province?

  • 1. Ilica Plaji Ilıca has three wonderful beaches on this 4 mile stretch of "the world's finest, whitest sand along the Gulf of İzmir... 2. Delikli Koyu

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Where is the province of artvin in turkey?

  • Artvin Province ( Turkish: Artvin ili; Armenian: Արտվինի նահանգ, Artvini nahang; Georgian: ართვინის პროვინცია, Artvinis p’rovincia; Laz: ართვინიშ დობადონა Artviniş dobadona) is a province in Turkey, on the Black Sea coast in the northeastern corner of the country, on the border with Georgia . The provincial capital is the city of Artvin .

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Which is the highest mountain in denizli province?

  • Limestone terraces in Karahayıt, Denizli. Approximately 28-30% of the land is plain, 25% is high plateau and tableland, and 47% is mountainous. At 2571m Mount Honaz is the highest in the province, and indeed in Western Anatolia.

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How many districts are there in hatay province?

  • Hatay province is divided into 12 districts: Altınözü, Antakya, Belen, Dörtyol, Erzin, Hassa, İskenderun, Kırıkhan, Kumlu, Reyhanlı, Samandağ and Yayladağı. In 2014, three more districts were created: Defne, Arsuz and Payas.

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Where is the province of aksaray in turkey?

  • Aksaray is a province near Cappadocia, in the Central Anatolian region. The province has many things to show in addition to wonderful surroundings. There are important historical buildings from Seljuk times, mostly from the 14th century, such as the Ulu Mosque and the Kizil (Egri) Minaret. The brickwork of the Kizil Minaret is elaborate.

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Where is the province of duzce in turkey?

  • Düzce is the eighty-first and the newest province of Turkey. It is situated on the Black Sea between the Capital Ankara and Istanbul. It was greatly affected by both the Marmara and Düzce earthquakes of 1999. Ankara is 240 km to the east and Istanbul is 228 km to the west. Road D-100 passes through Düzce, while the TEM highway passes around it.

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What's the history of the province of erzurum?

  • The province has always been a transportation junction and is now the transfer point for air, rail or bus connections for travelers coming to Eastern Turkey. The history of the city extends back to 4000 BC and it has seen many civilizations in Anatolia. One of the most important remains from this periods is the well preserved Byzantine city walls.

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What is rize province in turkey known for?

  • Today the area is wealthier although there is a marked difference between the lifestyle of the people in the relatively wealthy city of Rize and those in the remote villages where wooden houses perch on the steep mountainside with the rain beating down. The province is known in Turkey for the production of Rize Tea .

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What kind of environment does giresun province have?

  • Forests and pasture cover the high mountainous regions, and in places there is mining of copper, zinc, iron and other metals. The mountain villages are remote, with poor roads and little else in the way of infrastructure.

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Which is the main city in kayseri province?

  • It is the seat of Kayseri Province. The city of Kayseri, as defined by the boundaries of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, is structurally composed of five metropolitan districts, the two core districts of Kocasinan and Melikgazi, and since 2004, also Hacılar, İncesu and Talas .

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Where is the province of denizli in turkey?

  • Denizli Province. Denizli Province ( Turkish: Denizli ili) is a province of Turkey in Western Anatolia, on high ground above the Aegean coast. Neighbouring provinces are Uşak to the north, Burdur, Isparta, Afyon to the east, Aydın, Manisa to the west and Muğla to the south.

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Where is the province of canakkale in turkey?

  • Çanakkale Province (Turkish: Çanakkale ili) is a province of Turkey, located in the northwestern part of the country.

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How big is the province of zonguldak in turkey?

  • Zonguldak Province (Turkish: Zonguldak ili) is a province along the western Black Sea coast region of Turkey. The province is 3.481 km² in size and has a population of 619,703. Its adjacent provinces are Düzce to the southwest, Bolu to the south, Karabük to the southeast, and Bartın to the east.

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Where is the capital of hatay province of turkey?

  • It is situated almost entirely outside Anatolia, along the eastern coast of the Levantine Sea. The province borders Syria to its south and east, and the Turkish provinces of Adana and Osmaniye to its north. It is part of Çukurova, a large fertile plain along the cultural region of Cilicia, and its administrative capital is Antakya .

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What is the license plate code for ordu province?

  • Ordu Province (Turkish: Ordu ili) is a province of Turkey, located on the Black Sea coast. Its adjacent provinces are Samsun to the northwest, Tokat to the southwest, Sivas to the south, and Giresun to the east. Its license-plate code is 52.

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Which is the capital of kars province in turkey?

  • Kars (Turkish: Kars, Ottoman Turkish: قارص‎, Armenian: Կարս, less commonly known as Ղարս Ghars) is a city in northeast Turkey and the capital of Kars Province.

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How is the weather in the province of artvin?

  • The weather in Artvin is very wet and mild at the coast, and as a result is heavily forested. This greenery runs from the top all the way down to the Black Sea coast.

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How big is the province of malatya in india?

  • The area of Malatya province is 12,313 km². Malatya Province had a population of 853,658 according to the results of 2000 census, whereas in 2010 it had a population of 740,643. The provincial center, the city of Malatya, has a population of 426,381 (2010).

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Which is the capital of mardin province in turkey?

  • Mardin. The capital of Mardin Province, it is known for the Artuqid (Artıklı or Artuklu in Turkish) architecture of its old city, and for its strategic location on a rocky hill near the Tigris River that rises steeply over the flat plains.

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How big is the province of gaziantep in turkey?

  • Gaziantep has a territory of 7,642 square kilometers and a population of a little over 2 million. It is the leading province of the GAP region in terms of population density. It has 9 administrative districts: Sahinbey, Sehitkamil, Araban, Islahiye, Kargamis, Nizip, Oguzeli, Yavuzeli and Nurdagi.

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Which is the seat of hatay province in turkey?

  • Antakya (Arabic: انطاكيا‎, Anṭākyā, previously أنطاكيّة, Anṭākīyyah from Syriac: ܐܢܛܝܘܟܝܐ‎, Anṭiokia; Greek: Ἀντιόχεια, Antiókheia or Antiócheia) is the seat of the Hatay Province in southern Turkey.

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What is the smallest province in turkey in area?

Yalova, Turkey's 77th province, covers the smallest area with with 847 sg meters, among 81 Turkish provinces.

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What is the capital of kahramanmaraş province of turkey?

  • Kahramanmaraş is the capital city of Kahramanmaraş Province in southeastern Turkey. The city lies on a plain at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and has a population of 400,100 as of 2010. The region is best known for its production of salep, a flour made from dried orchid tubers, and its distinctive ice cream.

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What are the villages of tirebolu province of turkey?

  • Düzköy is a village connected to the Tirebolu district of Giresun province. Ede is a village connected to the Tirebolu district of Giresun province. Eymür is a village connected to the Tirebolu district of Giresun province. Fatih is a village connected to the Tirebolu district of Giresun province.

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