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▶️ Where is aydın located?

  • The city is located at the heart of the lower valley of Büyük Menderes River (ancient Meander River) at a commanding position for the region extending from the uplands of the valley down to the seacoast. Its population was 207,554 in 2014. Aydın city is located along a region which was famous for its fertility and productivity since ancient times.

▶️ How far is akbuk from aydin?

  • Akbuk is 23 km away from Didim centre, and 106 km away from Aydin city centre. Akbuk, which has a natural port, has 11 km of coastline. It is an ideal place for those who search for a unique and tranquil place with its gorgeous nature and beautiful coasts. Akbuk has one of the cleanest air in Turkey and crystal clear waters.

▶️ What actors and actresses appeared in exit... nur keine panik - 1980?

The cast of Exit... nur keine Panik - 1980 includes: Isolde Barth Konrad Becker Joe Berger Eddie Constantine Beatrice Frey Fritz Holzer Kurt Kren Paulus Manker Heidi Melinc Peter Patzak Heribert Sasse Emanuel Schmied Walter Stummvoll Franz Suhrada as Waiter Sabrina Thurm Peter Turrini Peter Weibel

▶️ What are the ratings and certificates for exit--- nur keine panik - 1980?

Exit--- nur keine Panik - 1980 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:16 (f)

▶️ What are the ratings and certificates for mama mia - nur keine panik - 1984?

Mama Mia - Nur keine Panik - 1984 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:6

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