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▶️ What middle eastern country borders lebanon iraq turkey israel and jordan?


▶️ What separates eastern turkey from asian turkey?

The Bosphorus...

▶️ Adult male eastern turkey weighs?

The adult male of the Eastern Turkey, a wild turkey in North America, weighs 12 to 20 pounds on average.

▶️ Are people from turkey middle eastern?

It depends on who you ask. Some people include Turkey as part of the Middle East and others exclude them. They are certainly culturally distinct from other Middle Eastern peoples, like Arabs, Persians, Kurds, Jews, Copts, etc., than those groups are from each other, but they are much more similar to these groups than they are to Balkan peoples, Russians, or Europeans in general.

▶️ When did eastern front - turkey - end?

Eastern Front - Turkey - ended in 1923.

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Turkey is arab muslim country?

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Turkey is arab country?

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Is turkey an arab country?

Iran and Turkey are not Arab countries and their primary languages are Farsi and Turkish respectively. Arab countries have a rich diversity of ethnic, linguistic, and religious communities. These include Kurds, Armenians, Berbers and others. There are over 200 million Arabs.

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Is turkey an eu country?

Turkey is not currently part of the EU although there have been discussions about potentially allowing them to join if they sort out there Human Rights issues. In terms of a geographical sense, the most Western tip of Istanbul and the country is classed as part of Europe whereas the Eastern part of Istanbul and the rest of the country is classed as being part of Asia.

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Is turkey a friendly country?

Are Turkish people friendly? Yes! Turkish people are incredibly friendly, love to help, and are very inquisitive. They often ask questions such as “How old are you?” or “How much money do you earn?” that can feel invasive, and staring is common.

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Is turkey a foreign country?

A foreign country is any country which you do not live in. Turkey is a foreign country if you don't live there. If you do live in Turkey, then it is not a foreign country.

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Is turkey a dry country?

Turkey is a secular country and even though most of the population is Muslim, the consumption of rakı which is an alcoholic beverage is a significant part of Turkey's food culture. Alcohol consumption was practiced widely in the Ottoman Empire.

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What colour is turkey country?

if you mean the flag its red

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Is turkey a schengen country?

No, Turkey is not part of the Schengen Area, nor are there any plans to include it prior to Turkey becoming a member of the European Union.

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Is turkey a poor country?

The absolute poverty line for Turkey was US $4 per capita per day. Turkey was ranked 92nd out of 177 countries with moderate human development in the 2006 Human Development Report. The individual food poverty rate was 1.35% and the non-food poverty rate was 25.6%.

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Is turkey a safe country?

As a rule, Turkey is safe for tourism. The country remains one of the most popular destinations around the globe. 40-45 million visitors come to its shores every year, with the vast majority experiencing no problems and enjoying their stays.

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Is turkey its own country?


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How is the country turkey spelled in turkey?

The country Turkey is spelled as "Türkiye" in Turkey.

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Why is the country turkey called the animal turkey?

The country is called Turkey because it's home to the Turks. When European settlers arrived in America, they encountered turkeys, which they mistook for being a guineaufowl. The guineafowl was also called the "turkey fowl" because it was imported into Western Europe regularly from Turkey. In the end, the American bird became known as the turkey, while the guineafowl kepts its name.

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What country eats the most turkey?

Approximately 88% of U.S. families eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The country that consumes the most turkey per year, per capita: Israel.

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Is demre a country in turkey?

No, Turkey is a country itself.

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Whick country did turkey come from?

turkey came from turkey

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Did turkey the country create thanksgiving?

no thanksgiving didnt come from turkey because thanksgiving is a holiday in USA

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Is turkey a third world country?

No its not 3rd world country, turkey has had many political problems but in the past 20 years the country has improved itself in many ways. i have lived in many European countries as well as turkey and i confidently can say turkey is just as nice as Europe. the only difference between Europe and turkey are the mosques . you see mosques all over turkey, woman with scarf is same as Germany :)

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What country eats the least turkey?


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Does the country turkey celebrate thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday.

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Which country was colonized by turkey?

Turkey doesn't have any colonized country

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Who discovered the country of turkey?

dr turkey

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Is turkey a high risk country?

  • US includes Turkey among countries flagged for high risk of kidnapping. The US State Department has added a new indicator to its travel advisories to flag the high risk of kidnapping in 35 countries around the world, including Turkey and many Middle Eastern and African nations.

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Which country is closest to turkey?


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Does turkey the country get tornadoes?

Yes. There are tornadoes in Turkey. Tornadoes can occur almost anywhere.

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Does the country turkey use money?

Sure. Turkish Lira is the currency of Turkey

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Is turkey considered a poor country?

Turkey is far from poor but it isn't especially rich. The country is classified an emerging market economy with a GDP per capita of around $11,000 (£7,700), which is more or less the global average but lower than the majority of European countries.

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Is turkey considered a developed country?

yes, Turkey is a developed country.(cia factbook)

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Who ruled over turkey the country?

Turkey is a country that is considered to be on the continent of Europe. Turkey is ruled or governed by presidents.

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What is the animal turkey called in the country turkey?


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What came first turkey the bird or turkey the country?

The bird..Turkey has not always been called Turkey..

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What is the time difference between us eastern standard time and turkey?

Turkey is seven hours ahead of EST.

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How long has turkey been a country?

sens 1920

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What language does the country turkey speak?

What is the national language of Turkey?

  • The national language of Turkey is Turkish. The language has base words to which affixes and suffixes are added. This makes the words longer and longer. Such a language is called an Agglutinative language. The Turkish word for Lion is ‘ Aslan ’. Apart from Turkish, Kurdish, Azeri and Dimli are also spoken in the country.

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Does turkey count as a euro country?

No, Turkey has its on currency, the Turkish Lira

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Does turkey really exist as a country?

Yes, Turkey (the country) exists.

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Is turkey a developing country or not?

Turkey is a developing nation.

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What country is directly south of turkey?

Cyprus and Syria.

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The 2st leader of the country turkey?

Ismet Inonu General,[1] Prime Minister and the second President of the Republic of Turkey. He is widely referred to as "Milli Sef" (National Chief), a title he bestowed upon himself when he was elected as the President of Turkey in 1938. He was born in İzmir to a family originally from Malatya with mixed Turkish-Kurdish heritage.[2][3] His father was Hacı Reşid Bey, a member of the Ottoman bureaucracy, an examining magistrate born in Malatya, and his mother was Cevriye Hanım, daughter of Russo-Turkish War refugees from Bulgaria. Due to his father's assignments, the family moved from one city to another. Thus, İsmet İnönü completed his primary education in Sivas. His son, Erdal İnönü, was a Wigner medal winner mathematical physicist and a former deputy prime minister of Turkey, as well as the former leader of the Social Democracy Party and the Social Democratic Populist Party, and the honorary leader of the Social Democratic People's Party.

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Which country shares a border with turkey?

Turkey shares a border with Syria, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, and Bulgaria. The country that shares the most territory with Turkey is Syria.

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What was invented in turkey the country?


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Are greece and turkey the same country?

NO. Greece and Turkey are two separate countries that border each other. Greeks and Turks have a centuries-long blood-feud which has barely been put to rest, so it is offensive to many Greeks and Turks to confuse the two countries.

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How to bake the perfect country turkey?

How long should you cook a 10-lb. Turkey?

  • Roasting Takes Hours. One way to cook a 10-lb. turkey is to roast it in the oven…
  • Deep-Frying Is Faster. Deep-frying a completely-thawed 10-pound turkey takes about 35 minutes. Deep-frying a turkey is a popular way to cook the bird in the southern United States.
  • Bottom Line. Time to eat! ...

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Show the country turkey on a map?

Wikipedia has a great world map showing Turkey. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey

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Is turkey a hot or cold country?

Turkey is a very hot country and some times it can be cold but not rarely

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Is turkey a country all by itself?

Yes, it is. Turkey is an independent country and not ruled by anyone.

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What are the colors of turkey country?

The colors of Turkey are red and white

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What is the history of turkey country?

  • Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 from the Anatolian remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire by national hero Mustafa Kemal , who was later honored with the title Ataturk, or "Father of the Turks.". Under his authoritarian leadership, the country adopted wide-ranging social, legal, and political reforms.

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What country is between greece and turkey?

Map of Europe and Middle East.

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Does the country of turkey have turkeys?

Turkey the country does not have a natural population of the "turkey" bird, it was introduced to the Mediterranean and Europe in the 15th Century (prior to that it was in the ancient world of Greece) then dissapeared then was traded during the Ottoman empire. In North America Turkey is in abundance as is a food prepared for festivities and holidays. In Europe and Turkey is not that common to prepare turkey for general meals or festivities/holidays. The name "turkey" for the bird does not necessarily mean it is named after the country Turkey. the word "turk" means outsider or rebel, most likely the bird was named from the word origin not the country.

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What country has the highest turkey consumption?

According to the USDA, the US consumes the most turkey on a per capita basis. Americans consume about 7 Kg of turkey per year.

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