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▶️ What cuisine do doner kebabs belong to?

Broadly speaking to parts of Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranaean.

▶️ How much does a doner kebab cost in istanbul?

  • How much does a doner kebab cost? You can find a doner kebab in Istanbul for as little as 10 TL (US$1.3), but the price will depend on what type of meat is inside. Chicken doner is usually cheaper than beef or lamb and runs about 10-20 TL, while a beef doner goes for around 20-40 TL.

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▶️ Where to get the best doner in istanbul?

  • Karadeniz Doner is located in Besiktas and it’s among the prominent restaurants in Istanbul. Many people all over Istanbul flock into this restaurant and you can often see a long queue in front of the shop. Despite its huge popularity and high number of customers, Karadeniz Doner maintains its standards. Doner at Karadeniz Doner is a special one.

▶️ What does the internal temperature of a 12 pound unstuffed turkey have to be when doner?

165 degrees F is the temperature internally when done. Around 20 minutes per pound at 325 degrees F. Let turkey set for 20-30 minutes after removing from oven. Bon appetite!

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