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▶️ Do domestic turkey breed naturally?


▶️ Is domestic violence common in turkey?

About 40 percent of Turkish women have suffered domestic violence at some stage in their lives, topping rates in Europe and the US. The 2013 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Turkey 120th out of 136 countries. A 2020 study investigated the relationship between femicides and economic development in Turkey.

▶️ How big are domestic turkey eggs?

They are 6 inches long.

▶️ Is a turkey the international bird of turkey?


▶️ Could a wild male turkey fertilize domestic turkey eggs?


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What do the people of turkey call the turkey bird?


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What is difference about a wild turkey and a domestic turkey?

A wild turkey is domestic. A domestic turkey is wild.

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What is the lifespan of a domestic turkey?

  • The average life span of a domestic turkey, from birth to freezer, is 26 weeks. During this period of time, it will eat about 75 pounds of turkey feed. The average life span of a wild turkey is three or four years. It generally feeds on seeds, nuts, insects, and berries.

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What is the breed of a domestic turkey?

There are a number of different breeds of domestic turkey.Here are some of them:

  • Beltsville Small White
  • Black Spanish / Norfolk
  • Blue Slate
  • Bourbon Red
  • Broad Breasted Bronze
  • Broad Breasted White
  • Bronze
  • Narragansett
  • Royal Palm
  • White Holland
NB. Not all of these are officially recognised.For more information and pictures, see Related links below

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What came first turkey the bird or turkey the united states?

Turkey da bird

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Which country is a turkey bird native to?

Well, they are native to North America, along with a similar sub-species, which can be found in Mexico. Even before they were carefully selected to breed extra-large birds for the table, wild male 'tom' or 'gobbler' turkeys, as they are known in America, can reach an impressive size.

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Is a turkey considered a bird of flight?


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What country is turkey the national bird of?


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Why people eat turkey bird on thanks giving?

Why do we have a Turkey for Thanksgiving?

  • Part of the necessity of making a family dinner for Thanksgiving is having enough food for all the guests, and since it's always about family, that's always meant making sure there's plenty of meat on the table. Since turkeys are big and one bird can feed a whole family, that makes it easier than sacrificing and cooking a dozen chickens.

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Is a turkey an animal or a bird?

A turkey is a bird, since it has all these characteristics that makes it a bird: Wings, produces eggs like chicken, and feathers.

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How many pounds do a dressed domestic turkey weigh?

20-30 pounds lie lol

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When is a domestic turkey ready for the market?

Its head is chopped off, and then it is de-skinned/feathered, then chill the turkey. Then plastic wrap it and sell it!

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What is the scientific name for the domestic turkey?

  • The domestic turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo) is a large fowl, one of the two species in the genus Meleagris and the same as the wild turkey. Although turkey domestication was thought to have occurred in central Mesoamerica at least 2,000 years ago, recent research suggests a possible second domestication event in...

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What makes a redwing a national bird of turkey?

  • The national bird of Turkey is redwing besides having feathers and being flying animals, the birds are characterized mainly by: – Having a fur covered with feathers and devoid of sweat glands and sebaceous as opposed to mammals. Instead of sweating, the bird’s pant. – Have wings with identical structure (whether flying or not).

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Which state has the turkey as the state bird?

Alabama, Massachusetts and South Carolina have designated the wild turkey as their state game fowl.

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What do you call the turkey bird in punjabi?

The word for turkey in Punjabi is Murgshutar. As in Murg = Chicken and Shutar as in shutri for umbrella, because the turkeys tails feathers are fanned out like an umbrella.

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Can a turkey fly as high as a bird?


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What country is the turkey considered a sacrificial bird?

The turkey is considered a sacrificial bird Mexico.

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What is the difference in appearance of wild turkey eggs from domestic turkey eggs?

it just depends on the breed of turkey. most turkeys lay lite to dark tan eggs with specks of brown on them for camoflauge. now the large whiter domestic breeds like you buy in the store usually lay white eggs.

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Which is better a turkey crown or a whole bird?

  • A crown is perfect if you have fewer people to feed or guests who all like white meat. The other advantages to a crown are that it will cook quickly and should fit in any oven and roasting tin. They are widely available and becoming more fashionable by the year, but price per weight does work out a bit more expensive than a whole bird.

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What state has the wild turkey for a state bird?

There is no state with the wild turkey as its state bird.

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In what country was the turkey considered a sacrificial bird?

The turkey is considered a sacrificial bird in Mexico.

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What kind of bird has webbed feet like a turkey?

  • These birds are adapted to an aquatic existence with webbed feet, flattened bills, and feathers that are excellent at shedding water due to an oily coating. Turkey holds an important wintering population of the endangered white-headed duck ( Oxyura leucocephala ). Black francolin ( Francolinus francolinus ).

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How many squ ft pre bird does a turkey need?

Turkeys are social creatures, so plan on raising at least two. They are bigger birds than chickens and thus more space is required. You'll need a minimum of 25 square feet of outdoor space per bird for them to exercise, with predator-proof fencing on all sides, as well as overhead.

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What bird is gray and white and looks like a turkey?

Likely candidate is a Guinea Fowl (or hen) depending upon where you live.

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Is it ok to stuff a turkey outside of the bird?

  • 3. Stuffing texture. Stuffing cooked in the bird can be lovely, however, it is often slightly soggy. This is understandable given that bread is porous and continues to absorb the moisture of the bird as it cooks. One of the benefits of preparing your stuffing outside of the bird is that you can visually see the fruits of your labour.

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Is it dangerous to have a turkey at a bird feeder?

  • That turkey has devoured your garden and scared away the birds you so enjoyed seeing at the bird feeder. Or maybe the turkey is chasing your kids. It’s not so much that turkeys are inherently dangerous, but they become bolder as they lose their fear of humans (which happens when we become familiar).

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The heaviest dressed domestic turkey weighed in at approximately how many pounds?

86 pounds

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Which is more effective in transmitting information about a bird brancusi's bird in space or john audubons wild turkey?

John Audubon's book titled "Wild Turkey" is a famous publication. It is much better than Brancusi's book about transmitting information.

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What is a domestic appiance and consumer electronics brand of araelik a turkey?


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What is a domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand of araelik a turkey?


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Why did the turkey volenteer to be the drummer in the popular bird band?

He had his own drumsticks.

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What founding father of the us wanted to make the turkey the nations bird?

Ben Franklin. He thought the eagle was a "dirty bird" that ate dead animals. A scavenger.

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Where to put thermometer probe in a turkey when cooking the bird in the oven?

The breast meat.

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Why did the turkey volunteer want to be the drummer in the popular bird band?

Because he had his own drumsticks?

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Can domestic or wild turkeys fly?

domestic turkeys can not fly most domestic turkeys weigh twice as much as a wild turkey but a wild turkey can fly I'm not sure for how long.

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Where do domestic turkeys come from?

  • Domestic turkeys come from the Wild Turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo ), a species that is native only to the Americas. In the 1500s, Spanish traders brought some that had been domesticated by indigenous Americans to Europe and Asia.

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What is turkey's state bird?

The redwing is the official national bird of the Republic of Turkey.

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Why did why did the turkey volunteer to be the drummer in the popular bird band?

Because he had the drumsticks

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How many eggs do domestic turkeys lay?

  • A turkey can lay up to 100 eggs a year and will lay between 2 and 3 eggs a week.

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Do domestic turkeys drown in a rainstorm?

  • The worst lie about them is the idea that they are so stupid that they will drown in a rainstorm because they will just stare up at the sky . There's simply no truth to this story at all. While domestic turkeys might not be the smartest creatures around, they certainly aren't dumb enough to drown by looking up at the falling rain.

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What are the types of domestic turkeys?

  • In its Standard of Perfection, the American Poultry Association (APA) recognizes eight varieties of turkeys, all considered heritage varieties. They are the Standard Bronze, Beltsville Small White, White Holland, Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Slate, Black, and Royal Palm.

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Where to put the meat thermometer probe in a turkey when cooking the bird in the oven?

The meat thermometer probe can be inserted into the thickest part of the meat like the thigh or breast.

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When thawing your turkey in the refrigerator how many days should you give a 12 16 lb bird?

Thaw in the refrigerator.

Allow 24 hours of thawing for every 5 pounds of turkey. 4-12 pound turkey = 1 to 3 days. 12-16 pound turkey = 3 to 4 days. 16-20 pound turkey = 4 to 5 days.

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What bird family are turkeys related to?

  • The turkey is a large bird that is closely related to other game birds such as pheasants, chickens and quails. The turkey has become famous across the western world as being a special meal on large family occasions including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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What is the formula for how long do you cook a turkey based on the weight of the bird?

An unstuffed turkey cooked in an oven would follow these times per weight: 8 pounds = 1.25 hours, 12 pounds = 1/75 hours, 14 pounds = 2 hours, 18 pounds = 3 hours, 20 pounds = 4 hours and 24 pounds = 4.25 hours.

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Does turkey eat turkey?

Yes, Turkey only does not eat pork, because of religion. Population of Turkey is %90, so it is hard to find pork over here. The name Turkey is the English version of the country's name. The country is called "turkiye" and the name has nothing to do with the bird. it does not mean turkey. that's only in the English language. so turkey and the Turkish people has no special approach to that particular bird.

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Does turkey have turkey?

ofcouse Turkey has Turkey! Thats how it got its name... other sights to look it up are

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Are turkey vultures part turkey?

No. Many birds have weird names like the elephant bird or the kiwi bird. There are so many birds, scientists have to make up names.

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Did turkey come from turkey?

No. The turkey came from the New World. The fact that the country "Turkey" and the fowl "turkey" is the same word is merely coincidental.

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