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▶️ What to expect from çerkezköy?

  • Çerkezköy today is a rapidly growing city of drab apartment blocks, surrounded by a diverse range of industries. You will have a hard time for finding a reason to spend time more than absolutely necessary in this place.

▶️ What to eat in çerkezköy?

  • Çerkezköy is full of great restaurants that serve various dishes from allover Turkey, good choices like, Enesoĝlu (also specialized in Turkish Desserts along with main courses) and Șerifoĝlu (Eastern Turkish dishes from city of Urfa).

▶️ Are textiles cheaper in çerkezköy?

  • Textiles are relevantly cheaper in Çerkezköy as it is very near to textiles manufacturers, i.e a pair of sockets would just cost 1 TL.

▶️ How to get from çerkezköy to istanbul?

  • Çerkezköy is connected to Istanbul by hourly buses, which takes around an hour. An extensive network of minibuses and dolmuş minibüs es connect Çerkezköy with surrounding towns and cities of Tekirdağ (1h 25min, 9 TL) and Çorlu to south, and Saray and Vize to north.
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