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▶️ Is (celtikci) a poor tasburun?

What kind of people were the Celtici people?

  • The Celtici were not considered a barbarian people. On the contrary, they were what the Greeks considered a civilized people, almost in the same degree as the Turdetani . They shared the same 'gentle and civilized' character of the Turdetani.

▶️ When was sedat bucak born?

Sedat Bucak was born in 1960.

▶️ Where is (bucak) like in turkey?

It is said that the name Oğuzhan came from the Oghuz Turks who settled in this town. Bucak has good connections to other parts of Turkey. Antalya lies 75 km to the south, Isparta 70 km to northeast and Burdur 40 km to the northwest. ... Bucak, Burdur.

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