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▶️ Is (bunyan) beykoy?

Where did John Bunyan live as a child?

  • Bunyan was born in 1628 in the heart of England, a mile south of Bedford a few years before the English Civil War. His family was so poor that when his father died, John was left only one shilling and his tinker's anvil. The boy had little formal education.

▶️ Is (beykoy) a poor inkaya?

How big is the poverty problem in Kenya?

  • Despite some positive developments, poverty in Kenya has continued to be a huge problem. Even hunger in Kenya continues to rear it’s head from time to time. The dry Poverty in Kenya statistics in Kenya sum it all up. Somewhere between one quarter and half of the population earn less than $1 US each day (the annual GDP per capita is around $360 US).
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