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▶️ Which city is most beautiful in turkey?

Istanbul. The country's largest and most famous city, Istanbul is home to some of the most beautiful buildings and landscapes in the whole of Turkey.

▶️ What is the most beautiful part of turkey?

  1. The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia. High on the Anatolian plateau, the curious landscapes of Cappadocia resemble a fantasy world.
  2. The pools of Pamukkale…
  3. Blue Lagoon, Olüdeniz…
  4. Gümüşlük, Bodrum…
  5. The domes of Istanbul…
  6. Patara…
  7. Kaş ...
  8. Ephesus…

▶️ Who is the most beautiful girl in turkey?

Turkish actress Hande Ercel is named the most beautiful woman in the world.

▶️ Largest city in turkey?


▶️ Large city in turkey?


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A tour of istanbul, turkey | this city is incredible!

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What is a large city in turkey?

Istanbul is largest.

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What is the smallest city in turkey?


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What is most important city in turkey?

  • Istanbul, a transcontinental city in Eurasia , is Turkey's biggest city, and its economic, cultural, and historic center. The streets of Istanbul, the most populated city in Turkey, and a coveted travel destination for globe trotters .

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Which is the coldest city in turkey?

Erzurum is the coldest place in Turkey during the season. Turkey has always been perceived as a summer holiday destination, but this country is a good choice for your winter getaways too.

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Where is the city of corlu in turkey?

  • Place name sign of Çorlu (2017) on the state road D.100. Çorlu ( pronounced [ˈtʃoɾɫu] ( listen)) is a northwestern Turkish city in inland Eastern Thrace that falls under the administration of the Province of Tekirdağ.

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Information on the city of cappadocia turkey tours?

Cappadocia is an area, not a city. Cappadocia comprises a large number of villages, small towns, and a few cities. The region is serviced by two airports, Kayseri and Nevsehir. There are a great many things to do in Cappadocia if you are travelling on a tour in Turkey - from walking, archaeological adventures, and an early morning balloon ride.

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Where is the city of konya in turkey?

  • Konya is a city in Central Anatolia in Turkey, known as the city of whirling dervishes and for its outstanding Seljuk architecture. Konya was once the capital of Sultanate of Rum, known in Turkish as Anadolu Selçukluları, a situation which resulted in much of the architectural heritage visible today.

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Where is the city of giresun in turkey?

  • Giresun, also spelled Keresun, city and seaport, northeastern Turkey. It lies along the Black Sea about 110 miles (175 km) west of Trabzon.

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Where is the city of keban in turkey?

  • Keban is at the west of Elazığ Province and 46 km. far away from province center. At the east of Keban, there is Elazığ Province. At west, Arapgir District of Malatya Province, at north there is Çemişgezek District of Tunceli Province, at northwest, Ağın District, at south, Baskil province.

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Where is the city of burdur in turkey?

  • Burdur is a city southwestern Turkey and the seat of the Burdur Province of Turkey. It is located at 37.7202778°N 30.2908333°E, on the shore of Lake Burdur.

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Where is the city of avanos in turkey?

  • View of the city center of Avanos. Avanos is a town and district of Nevşehir Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, located 18 km (11 mi) north of Nevşehir, the capital city of the province. It is situated within the historic and tourist region of Cappadocia.

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Where is the city of bolu in turkey?

  • Bolu is a city in Turkey, and administrative center of the Bolu Province.

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Where is the city of amasya in turkey?

  • Located in Northern Turkey, Amasya is the capital of the Amasya province in the Black Sea region. Nestled into the mountains overlooking the sea, Amasya is famous for its juicy apples as well as its history that goes back to antiquity. Check out our sightseeing tips before making your way to this very unique Turkish town.

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Why was derinkuyu the deepest city in turkey?

  • Over time the tuff cemented into a soft, easily carvable, yet relatively stable rock. Inhabitants of ancient Anatolia realized that they could carve out their homes right into the hillsides and underground. Derinkuyu is one of the many rock-cut dwellings in the region, however, it is the deepest one to date.

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Which is the fifth largest city in turkey?

  • The numbers of inhabitants refer to the actual city, not including urban areas. Antalya, the fifth-largest city in Turkey. ^ "..::Welcome to Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat)'s Web Pages::."

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What is the largest city in in turkey?


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How big of a city is kastamonu, turkey?

  • Kastamonu is the capital district of the Kastamonu Province, Turkey. According to the 2000 census, population of the district is 102,059 of which 64,606 live in the urban center of Kastamonu. (Population of the urban center in 2010 is 91,012.) The district covers an area of 1,834 km 2 (708 sq mi),...

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Where is the city of denizli in turkey?

  • Denizli is an industrial city in the southwestern part of Turkey and the eastern end of the alluvial valley formed by the river Büyük Menderes, where the plain reaches an elevation of about three hundred and fifty metres (1,148 ft). Denizli is located in the country's Aegean Region .

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Which is the closest city to troy turkey?

  • The closest major city is Çanakkale, which also has an airport with direct flights from Istanbul. From Çanakkale, you’ll travel for around 30 kilometres (about 45 minutes) to Troy via minibus, which departs from the local bus station.

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What kind of city is tekirdag in turkey?

  • Tekirdağ is a Turkish commercial town centre with a harbour for agricultural products; the harbor is being expanded to accommodate a new rail link to the main freight line through Thrace. Tekirdağ is the home port of Martas and the BOTAŞ Terminal, both of which are important for trade activities in the Marmara Region .

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Where is the city of mugla in turkey?

  • Muğla (pronounced [ˈmuːɫa]) is a city in south-western Turkey. Muğla is the center of the District of Menteşe and Muğla Province, which stretches along Turkey 's Aegean coast.

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When did mardin become a city in turkey?

  • As the Turkish Government subdued the Sheikh Said Rebellion in 1925, the first and the fourteenth cavalry division were stationed in Mardin. Through a passed law in 2012 Mardin became a metropolitan municipality, which took office after the Turkish local elections in 2014. The city has a significant Arab population.

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Where is the city of yalova in turkey?

  • Yalova is a city located in northwestern Turkey, near the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. Yalova has a city population of 100,863, while the population of Yalova Province is 118,998. as of 2011.

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Where is the city of marmaris in turkey?

  • Marmaris is a coastal town, a port city and a tourist destination on the southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the Mugla Province. Marmaris splits the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea along with a long and narrow peninsula. Marmaris is one of the Turkey’s most popular holiday towns and largest resorts on the Aegean coast.

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Where is cerkezkoy elit city in turkey located?

  • Çerkezköy is a town and district of Tekirdağ Province in the Marmara Region of Turkey . Çerkezköy Elit City The district is located in inland Thrace just to the west of the outlying Istanbul districts of Çatalca and Silivri. Çerkezköy is an industrial area.

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How old is the city of eskisehir turkey?

  • One of Eskişehir's many bridges across the Porsuk River. The name Eskişehir literally means "Old City" in Turkish. The city was founded by the Phrygians in at least 1000 BC, although it has been estimated to be older than 4000 years old. The current city lies about a mile from the ancient Phrygian city of Dorylaeum.

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Where is the city of ordu in turkey?

  • /  40.983°N 37.883°E  / 40.983; 37.883 Ordu ( Turkish pronunciation: [ˈoɾdu]) or Altınordu is a port city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, historically also known as Cotyora or Kotyora ( Pontic: Κοτύωρα ), and the capital of Ordu Province with a population of 217,640 in the city center.

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Which city is best to live in turkey?

  1. Istanbul – the professional expat's choice…
  2. Antalya – tourism-related business opportunities and retirement…
  3. Bodrum – high-class living…
  4. Bursa – the city of heritage…
  5. Izmir – perfect for retirement…
  6. Alanya – fast-growing hotspot…
  7. Marmaris – a sea lover's dream.

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What city is the european capital of turkey?

The capital city of Turkey is Ankara

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Where is the city of ankara in turkey?

  • Ankara is mostly in the Central Anatolia region, and partly in the Black Sea region. Ankara has mountain forests to its north, and the dry plain of Konya to its south.

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Where is the city of zonguldak in turkey?

  • Zonguldak is a city and the capital of Zonguldak Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It was established in 1849 as a port town for the nearby coal mines in Ereğli and the coal trade remains its main economic activity.

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Where is the city of kahramanmaras in turkey?

  • Kahramanmaraş, city, southern Turkey. It is situated at the edge of a fertile plain below Ahır Mountain, east-northeast of Adana. The city is near the southern outlet of three important passes through the Taurus Mountains (from Göksun, Elbistan, and Malatya ).

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Where is the city of elazıg in turkey?

  • Elâzığ (Turkish pronunciation: [eˈlazɯː], Armenian: Քարբերդ/Kharberd, Kurdish: Elezîz/Xarpêt ‎), formerly Mamuretülaziz, is a city in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, and the administrative centre of Elâzığ Province. It is located in the uppermost Euphrates valley.

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What is the most populated city in turkey?

  • Istanbul is by far the most populous city in Turkey. It is almost 3 times the size of the next biggest city, Ankara. Istanbul is Turkey's most populated city with about 12.8 million people.

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Where is the city of edirne in turkey?

  • Edirne, formerly Adrianople or Hadrianople, city, extreme western Turkey. It lies at the junction of the Tunca and Maritsa (Turkish: Meriç) rivers, near the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. The largest and oldest part of the town occupies a meander of the Tunca around the ruins of an ancient citadel.

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Where is the city of canakkale in turkey?

  • Çanakkale (pronounced chaa-nak-kaa-leh) is a city in the Marmara Region of Turkey The city is on the southern/ Asian bank of Dardanelles Strait (Turkish: Çanakkale Boğazı ), which links Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara while seperating Europe from Asia.

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Where is the city of karaman in turkey?

  • Karaman is a city in south central Turkey, located in Central Anatolia, north of the Taurus Mountains, about 100 km (62 mi) south of Konya.

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How big of a city is varto, turkey?

  • Varto ( Kurdish: Gimgim ‎, Medieval Greek: Barzanissa) is a town and district in Muş Province, Turkey. The population of Varto city is around 13,000 with another 17,000 living in the villages. The largest population from Varto in Europe is in Berlin .

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Where was the city of amasya in turkey?

  • Amasya. Tokat from east, Tokat and Yozgat from south, Çorum from west, Samsun from north. The city of Amasya ( Turkish pronunciation: [aˈmasja] ), the Amaseia or Amasia of antiquity, stands in the mountains above the Black Sea coast, set apart from the rest of Anatolia in a narrow valley along the banks of the Yeşilırmak River.

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Where is the capital city of tokat turkey?

  • Tokat is the capital city of Tokat Province of Turkey in the mid- Black Sea region of Anatolia. It is located at the confluence of the Tokat River (Tokat Suyu) with the Yeşilırmak. In the 2018 census, the city of Tokat had a population of 155,000. The city was established in the Hittite era.

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Where is the city of artvin in turkey?

  • Artvin (Georgian: ართვინი, Artvini; Laz: ართვინი Artvini, Armenian: Արդվին Ardvin) is a city in northeastern Turkey about 30 km inland from the Black Sea. It is located on a hill overlooking the Çoruh River near the Deriner Dam. It is a former bishopric and (vacant) Armenian Catholic titular see and the home of Artvin Çoruh University.

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How big is the city of mersin in turkey?

  • Mersin is the largest port on the Turkish Mediterranean region, and one of the most crowded cities of Turkey with approximately 1,8 million population. There is also a Free Trade Zone here and it is a business center. In Mersin you may find all the comforts of a modern city and all the characteristics of the Mediterranean cities.

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How big is the city of nevsehir in turkey?

  • Nevşehir (from the Persian compound نو شهر Naw-shahr meaning "new city"), formerly Neapolis and Muşkara, is a city and the capital district of Nevşehir Province in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. According to the 2010 census, the population of the district is 117,890 of which 85,634 live in the city of Nevşehir.

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How big is the largest underground city in turkey?

  • Extending to a depth of approximately 60 metres (200 ft), it is large enough to have sheltered as many as 20,000 people together with their livestock and food stores. It is the largest excavated underground city in Turkey and is one of several underground complexes found across Cappadocia.

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Did the city of istanbul now belongs to turkey?

Yes, it didn't.

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What is the city samson famous for in turkey?

Samsun is a city in Turkey that is home to a half million people. It is famous for having been settled by Greeks and Romans in ancient times.

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What is the warmest city in turkey in december?

The Delights of Antalya City Centre

The Antalya region has one of the warmest winter climates in the country.

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How big is the city of erzurum in turkey?

  • Erzurum (Armenian: Կարին, romanized : Karin, Kurdish: Erzirom ‎) is a city in eastern Anatolia, Turkey. It is the largest city in and capital of Erzurum Province. It is situated 1,900 meters (6,233 feet) above sea level. Erzurum had a population of 361,235 in the 2000 census, increasing to 367,250 by 2010.

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How tall is the city of sivas in turkey?

  • The city, which lies at an elevation of 1,278 metres (4,193 ft) in the broad valley of the Kızılırmak river, is a moderately-sized trade center and industrial city, although the economy has traditionally been based on agriculture.

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How big is the city of tokat in turkey?

  • Tokat is an inland city in the north of Central Anatolia, Turkey. Tokat is a historical city, having important historical buildings and monuments mostly from Seljuq, Ilkhanate and Ottoman eras. Today, Tokat is a mid-sized Anatolian city with a population of more than 130,000 people.

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