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▶️ Istanbul- ankara arası karayolu kaç km?

450 km

▶️ * where is bayburt located?

  • Bayburt is a city in northeast Turkey lying on the Çoruh River and is the provincial capital of Bayburt Province.

▶️ What happened to bayburt in erzurum?

  • When Erzurum was devastated in the early 16th century, Bayburt served for a time as the de facto capital of the province. The area was raided by the Safavids in 1553. Bayburt was captured by a Russian army under General Paskevich and its fortifications thoroughly demolished in 1829.

▶️ What type of climate does bayburt have?

  • Bayburt has a continental climate with freezing cold winters, the majority of the time snowing heavily. Summers are warm with cool nights. The climate is best described as humid continental by the Köppen Climate System Dfb, on the border of Dsb.

▶️ What is the population of bayburt in turkey?

  • According to the 2017 census the population is determined as around 80 000. Bayburt was once an important center on the ancient Silk Road. It was visited by Marco Polo and Evliya Çelebi. Remains of its medieval castle still exist. There are several historical mosques, Turkish baths, and tombs in the city.
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