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▶️ When did battle of talas happen?

Battle of Talas happened on -75-09-05.

▶️ When was via talas created?

VIA Talas was created in 1981.

▶️ When did via talas end?

VIA Talas ended in 1983.

▶️ When did onni talas die?

Onni Talas died in 1958.

▶️ When was onni talas born?

Onni Talas was born in 1877.

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When did battle of konya happen?

Battle of Konya happened on 1832-12-21.

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When did battle of aksu happen?

Battle of Aksu happened on 1933-05-31.

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When did battle of ankara happen?

Battle of Ankara happened on 1402-07-20.

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When did battle of sinop happen?

Battle of Sinop happened on 1853-11-30.

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When did battle of oltu happen?

Battle of Oltu happened on 1920-06-25.

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When did battle of camas creek happen?

Battle of Camas Creek happened on 1877-08-20.

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When did battle of shimbra kure happen?

Battle of Shimbra Kure happened in 1529-03.

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When did battle of krasny bor happen?

Battle of Krasny Bor happened in 1943.

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When was the battle of turkey creek?

On September 6, 1781, Maj. Hezekiah Williams and his Loyalist force attacked a body of Patriot militia. The militia was patrolling on Turkey Creek(at Edgefield County, South Carolina). After killing or wounding 10 Patriots, the rest of the militia quickly scattered.

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Why was the battle of edirne so important?

  • The area around Edirne, thanks to its strategic position on the major routes to Istanbul, Bosphorus, and onward to Asia, had been repeatedly fought for in the past. It has been the site of no fewer than 16 major battles and sieges since the days of Ancient Greece.

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Who was involved in the battle of elbistan?

  • In April 15, 1277, the Mamluk Sultan Baibars marched from Syria into the Mongol-dominated Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm and attacked the Mongol occupation force in the Battle of Elbistan (Abulustayn). Upon reaching Elbistan with at least 10,000 horseman, Baibars made ready for battle with the Mongols, expecting them to be around 30,000.

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Why was the battle of aintab fought in gaziantep?

  • According to Ümit Kurt, born in modern-day Gaziantep and an academic at Harvard's Center for Middle East Studies, "The famous battle of Aintab against the French … seems to have been as much the organized struggle of a group of genocide profiteers seeking to hold onto their loot as it was a fight against an occupying force.

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Why did selim i win the battle of tabriz?

  • Ismā'il's army was more mobile and his soldiers better prepared, but the Ottomans prevailed due in large part to their efficient modern army, possession of artillery, black powder and muskets. Ismā'il was wounded and almost captured in battle, and Selim I entered the Iranian capital of Tabriz in triumph on 5 September, but did not linger.

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Why was sereflikochisar named after the battle of gallipoli?

  • The prefix Şerefli meaning "honourable" was added by Atatürk in recognition of the men of the town lost at the battle of Gallipoli . Şereflikoçhisar is believed to have been inhabited since the time of the Hittites and was a thriving town in the Seljuk and Ottoman Empire periods. There are 64 neighbourhoods in Şereflikoçhisar as of 2017.

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