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▶️ Is (yunusemre) atakent?

Why was Yunus Emre so important to Turkey?

  • Yunus Emre has exercised immense influence on Turkish literature from his own day until the present, because Yunus Emre is, after Ahmed Yesevi and Sultan Walad, one of the first known poets to have composed works in the spoken Turkish of his own age and region rather than in Persian or Arabic.

▶️ Is (atakent) a poor adana?

What are the districts of the city of Adana?

  • City of Adana consists of the urban areas of the four metropolitan districts; Seyhan, Yüreğir, Çukurova, Sarıçam. Seyhan district is fully within the city limits whereas Yüreğir, Çukurova and Sarıçam districts have rural areas outside the city.

▶️ Where is atakent in turkey?

  • Atakent is a town in Mersin Province, Turkey . Atakent is a Mediterranean coastal town in Silifke district which itself is a part of Mersin Province. Alluvial plains of Silifke lie in the west of the town and hilly coastline is in the east of the town. The town is on the D 400 highway.

▶️ What is the population of atakent?

Atakent's population is 6,070.

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