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▶️ Where does baklava come from?

Answer:Greece, Turkey, Iran, and other Arab countries all claim origin, many cultures have similar dishes by different names.More:Look at the stem of the word, "bak".......... the stem is original Turkish, for example, "bakmak". Baklava is very popular in Turkey it is a national dish. There are 3 capitals in the world today making baklava and 2 of these capitals are in Turkey: the cities of Gaziantep and Istanbul. The other capital is in Syria: the city of Damascus. There are 2 distinct styles of baklava making, first baklava as a dessert and the second type is a form of a cookie or confectionery.The Turkish baklava qualifies as the dessert. It is moist yet not dripping wet, it is rich, thick larger in size. The Syrian baklava qualifies as the cookie or confectionery type since it is generally very dry and smaller in size.Like the answer that has already been given there are many countries especially in the Middle East like Iran, Iraq etc and in Europe Greece whom all claim that Baklava is originally their recipe. But it is originally from Turkey.

▶️ What country does baklava cake come from?

Baklava is from Turkey

▶️ Is turkish arabic?

2. Turks don't speak Arabic. The national language of Turkey is Turkish, a member of the Turkic language family… Consequently modern Turkish bears little resemblance to Arabic, although some Arabic words do remain in use.

▶️ Is baklava baked with honey in it because i'm allergic to baked honey but i love baklava?

Most Baklava is made by adding the honey as part of a cooked syrup on top after the main part has been baked. So, you would have to know if the effect of cooking the syrup on a stove top has the same effect on you as baked honey. I guess it would be possible to make your own without cooking the syrup although it wouldn't be quite as good. ..that is, assuming that raw honey does not affect you in the same way.

▶️ Where to eat the best baklava in istanbul?

  • “Platters was amazing and it was the best baklava I've ever had.” 10. Bitlisli “Amazing food & Great service!” 11. Fish Home Restaurant “We had the fish platter.” 12. Istanbul Anatolian Cuisine “Friendly service and delicious food!” 13. Istanbul Kitchen Cafe Restaurant “The Baklava is very good.”

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