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▶️ Is (bademagac) amasya?

What kind of climate does Amasya have?

  • Amasya has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Csa) under Köppen classification and a hot summer oceanic climate (Doa) under the Trewartha classification. Also, Amasya is warmer than central Anatolia, and its weather is not as cold in winter months.

▶️ Is (sultan) amasya?

Where is the city of Amasya in Turkey?

  • Located in Northern Turkey, Amasya is the capital of the Amasya province in the Black Sea region. Nestled into the mountains overlooking the sea, Amasya is famous for its juicy apples as well as its history that goes back to antiquity. Check out our sightseeing tips before making your way to this very unique Turkish town.

▶️ Is (amasya) degirmencay?

Where was the city of Amasya in Turkey?

  • Amasya. Tokat from east, Tokat and Yozgat from south, Çorum from west, Samsun from north. The city of Amasya ( Turkish pronunciation: [aˈmasja] ), the Amaseia or Amasia of antiquity, stands in the mountains above the Black Sea coast, set apart from the rest of Anatolia in a narrow valley along the banks of the Yeşilırmak River.

▶️ Is (amasya) dicle?

The population was 8,436 in 2010. The Mayor is Felat Aygören from the HDP. Dicle is the Turkish name of the Tigris river, which runs through the district and gave its name to it. ...

Post code21830

▶️ Is (incesu) amasya?

What was the population of Amasya in 2012?

  • In 2012, the permanent population of the city was 91,874. The birth rate of Amasya is low, so its population has been increasing slowly.

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When did amasya become part of the roman empire?

  • By this time, Amaseia was a thriving city, the home of thinkers, writers and poets, and one of them, Strabo, left a full description of Amaseia as it was between 60 BC and 19 AD. Around 2 or 3 BC, it was incorporated into the Roman province of Galatia, in the district of Pontus Galaticus.

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Who was the first people to settle in amasya?

  • Archaeological research shows that Amasya was first settled by the Hittites and subsequently by Phrygians, Cimmerians, Lydians, Greeks, Persians, and Armenians. An independent Pontic kingdom with its capital at Amaseia was established by the Persian Mithridatic dynasty at the end of the 4th century BC, in the wake of Alexander 's conquests.

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What is the country code and area code of amasya turkey?

The country code and area code of Amasya, Turkey is 90, (0)358.

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