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▶️ Where is aliaga port?

The Port of Aliaga lies on the southern shores of the Bay of Aliaga off the Gulf of Candarli about 24 kilometers northwest of Izmir, Turkey. The port authority for the Port of Aliaga is Aliaga Liman Baskanligi . The port mainly consists of oil product terminals and refineries.

▶️ When was martin aliaga born?

Martin Aliaga was born on April 30, 1971, in Kungsngen, Stockholms ln, Sweden.

▶️ When was luis de aliaga martínez born?

Luis de Aliaga Martínez was born in 1560.

▶️ When was felipe pardo y aliaga born?

Felipe Pardo y Aliaga was born in 1806.

▶️ What has the author roberto aliaga written?

Roberto Aliaga has written: 'Poemitas de maiz'

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