Can you deep fry a 20 pound turkey?

Mabel Robel asked a question: Can you deep fry a 20 pound turkey?
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Since turkeys should be deep fried for 3 1/2 - 4 minutes per pound, a 20lb turkey will take 1 hour and 10-20 minutes.


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▶️ Can you deep fry an 18 pound turkey?

For an 18 pound turkey fryer, if the turkey is 14 pounds or less, you can deep-fry it whole. If the turkey is 15 pounds or more, separate the legs and thighs from the breast and fry them separately. Do not attempt to deep fry a stuffed turkey. Cook stuffing separately.

▶️ How long to deep fry 22 pound turkey?

It's extremely dangerous to fry a turkey over 12 pounds. The amount of oil required and the size of the pot required makes it very hard to manage. Also, the moisture in the larger turkeys tends to make the oil boil up vigorously and can make it boil over out of the pot and start a fire.

▶️ How long to deep fry a turkey per pound?

  • According to "A deep fried turkey takes about 3 to 5 minutes per pound when cooked in 350 degree F oil.".

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How many pound turkey for 12?

  • You’ll want to plan on about 1.25 pounds of turkey per person attending. That means that if you are expecting 12 guests, plan for a 15-pound bird. If you have a large number of kids coming, simply round down when calculating your turkey.

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Is the pound strong in turkey?

The pound is relatively strong against the Turkish lira, meaning holidaymakers can get great value for their money when visiting Turkey. The exchange rate is currently 1 GBP to 7 TRY (according to, though will likely have shifted since the time of writing.

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Can a deep fried turkey explode?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, turkey deep fryer fires cause more than $15 million in property damage every year, plus injuries due to fire or splash burns… Partially frozen turkeys can explode when they make contact with the oil. They can also cause splattering and spillage.

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Does walmart sell deep fried turkey?

Fresh Butterball Fully Cooked Deep Fried Turkey Breast, 2.5-3.5lbs - -

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How long to deep fry turkey?

six minutes

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How many deep fried turkey fires?

Each year, fire departments respond to more than 1,000 fires related to deep fryers. Those fires cause serious burn injuries and more than $15 million in property damage.

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Where to buy deep fried turkey?

Some food stores will supply abut it can be done at home - there are numerous recipes on the web

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Why can't i deep fry turkey?

Placing a frozen turkey in a deep fryer full of high-temperature oil can result in enormous flames climbing up to 10 feet high. This is because once the oil boils the water that's inside of the turkey, it causes massive amounts of steam, forcing the oil to boil over.

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20 pound turkey can feeds how many?

roast turkey smoked turkey

For 14 people, buy a 20-pound turkey.

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Can you buy a 12 pound turkey?

Larger turkeys have a higher meat-to-bone ration, which means you can go with less than a pound per serving. But if you want ample leftovers – and who doesn't want leftover turkey? -- estimate 1-1/2 pounds per person, no matter how big the turkey is. For 8 people, buy a 12-pound turkey.

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Can you defrost a 12 pound turkey?

Yes you can, but it will take several hours to do so. and my advice to you is not to defrost it all at once. DO NOT DEFROST IT IN AN OVEN!

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How big is a 25 pound turkey?

Minimum Roasting Pan Size

In general, roasters with inside dimensions of approximately 16 x 13 inches will hold a 25 lbs. turkey. For example, the All-Clad roaster set with turkey lifters and a roasting rack. Smaller birds, 15 lbs.

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How long cook a 23 pound turkey?

frozen turkey fried turkey

All cook times are based on placing a whole unstuffed turkey on a rack in a roasting pan and into a preheated 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) oven. ... How Long to Cook a Turkey.

Turkey WeightServingsCooking Time
18 to 20 lb12 to 144 to 4 1/4 hours
20 to 22 lb14 to 164 1/4 to 4 3/4 hours
23 to 24 lb16 to 205 to 5 1/4 hours

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How long to cook 18 pound turkey?

  • Here's how long you should cook an 18 pound turkey in an electric roaster for delicious results. An 18 pound unstuffed turkey should cook for 2 to 2.5 hours.

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How long to cook 18.48 pound turkey?

Turkey Cooking Time Per Pound

In an oven set to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking an 18- to 20-pound unstuffed thawed or fresh turkey will take between 4 1/4 and 4 1/2 hours, according to the USDA. This amounts to about 14 minutes of cooking time per pound.

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How long to thaw 17 pound turkey?

Thaw It in Cold Water

Turkey WeightThawing Time (Refrigerator)Thawing Time (Cold Water)
Up to 12 lbs1 to 3 days2 to 6 hours
12 to 16 lbs3 to 4 days6 to 8 hours
16 to 20 lbs4 to 5 days8 to 10 hours
20 to 24 lbs5 to 6 days10 to 12 hours

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How many hours for 14 pound turkey?

  • How long to cook a stuffed turkey. 8 to 12 pounds: 3 to 3½ hours. 12 to 14 pounds: 3½ to 4 hours. 14 to 18 pounds: 4 to 4¼ hours. 18 to 20 pounds: 4¼ to 4¾ hours. 20 to 24 pounds: 4¾ to 5¼ hours. Note: For safety reasons, the USDA recommends cooking stuffing outside of the turkey to guarantee uniform doneness.

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How many pound turkey for 30 guests?

  • Turkey Math: As a general rule, plan on 1 pound of turkey per person. If you like leftovers, make it 1½ to 2 pounds per person. Therefore, a 30-pound turkey can serve up to 30 people (but realistically, more like 15 to 20 if you want leftovers, and you probably do!).

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How many pound turkey for 6 people?

See related link below .

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How many pound turkey to feed 12?


For 12 people, buy an 18-pound turkey.

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How much is a pound of turkey?

Turkey prices:

$0.98 per pound for Butterball frozen, premium all-natural young turkeys. $1.28 per pound for frozen, whole Butterball Farm-to-Family no-antibiotics young turkeys.

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How much is ground turkey per pound?

  • How much does ground turkey cost? Depending on the quality of the meat, most stores will charge anywhere from $2 to as much as $8 per pound.  The leaner it is, the more you are going to have to pay.   Most, however, find themselves paying around $2 to $5 per pound at their local stores.

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How much time per pound of turkey?

  • This calculator tells you how much time is needed to properly cook a turkey. Simply enter the weight of your turkey in pounds and click calculate. A stuffed turkey requires about 15 minutes per pound while unstuffed turkeys require 12-15 minutes per pound.

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How to microwave a 25 pound turkey?

  • Place it in the turkey oven bag and sit it on top of a microwave-safe plate. Make sure the bag opening is on the side and tie it with a tie or make a knot. I would cut one small hole on top about ½ inch wide for steam. Then microwave the turkey at 50% power for 10 minutes per pound.

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